Managing Your Mortgage

So just how much do you remember about the Mortgage you have on your home?  Is is government sponsored, FNMA, FHA or VA?  Did you pay points?  Is it adjustable or fixed?  When and by how much will it adjust?  Any Balloon payment? 

Mortgage lending comes with its own unique vocabulary, with an inordinate amount of acronyms that may as well be an unknown foreign language to the typical buyer or home owner.  Let's start with a refresher on all those confusing terms and acronyms!

Mortgage Vocabulary and Acronyms

What are interest rates doing now and expected to do in the near future?  Should you consider refinancing for a better rate;  will it be cost effective?  What about a reverse mortgage?  Are you eligible?  Would you want one?  All really good questions to explore!

Let's explore various options:

Review your existing mortgage

Refinancing your existing mortgage

Explore Reverse Mortgages

Learn about Foreclosure Intervention






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Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and put my heart at rest! I look forward to working with you to stay in our home.  I have an appointment with a housing counselor your referred us to and I will give you an update once that occurs.  Again, it meant so very much to me that you took the time to give me hope.
A. F.
There are no words to say how much you did for us and how much you helped us, you basically saved us.
B. A.
I want to say a huge thank you.  It feels a million times better knowing where we will be living, that we don't have to move, and I can actually afford to live here.  My life is no longer on hold, and we have been able to make plans for the first time in ages. There is no more black cloud of uncertainty hanging over my head always, waiting for the bank to dictate so much of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
C. K.