Take Action

During this difficult time you may be overwhelmed with contact from your bank*.  You may receive phone calls from collection departments demanding mortgage payments immediately.  You may come home to find your mailbox filled to the brim with letters and documents requesting that you contact your bank* immediately.  There may even be individuals that drive by your house and take pictures on a regular basis.  All of this activity may leave you with feelings of stress and despair.  However, you can TAKE ACTION TODAY! by contacting a Housing Counselor and by identifying and responding timely to Notices that are being sent by your bank*.  By seeking assistance and responding to notices your rate of success will increase.



Why a Housing Counselor 

A HUD-Certified Housing Counselor can be an invaluable resource for you and your family during this difficult time.  A HUD-Certified Housing Counselor is a trained and experienced counselor that can advise you of all the options that are available to you to “prevent unnecessary foreclosure.”  Your HUD-Certified Housing Counselor has received extensive training in the foreclosure process and has signed the “National Code of Ethics” for Housing Counseling.  


Your Housing Counselor Can:

  • Increase your rate of desired workout success to 86% versus 12% success on your own
  • Does NOT charge fees for their services (there maybe fees for credit reports)
  • Provide valuable knowledge and will assist you in identifying bank* specific programs that you may qualify for
  • Assist you in developing a plan of action
  • Work as your advocate with you bank*
  • Clarify documentation that is required by your bank* to be considered for a workout option
  • Review documentation prior to submission to the bank* to ensure that the documents are: complete, accurate and correctly filled out
  • Assess your financial situation and  make suggestions for budget changes that could lead to better financial health for your family
  • Contact your bank* regularly to provide status updates and ensure that your documentation is under review and that no additional documentation is needed
  • Provide you will a list of local and National resources that may benefit your specific situation  

Contact the Washington Homeownership Resource Center immediately
to be connected with a Housing Counselor today!



* Bank, Lender, Servicer, Credit Union, Mortgage Holder




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I want to say a huge thank you.  It feels a million times better knowing where we will be living, that we don't have to move, and I can actually afford to live here.  My life is no longer on hold, and we have been able to make plans for the first time in ages. There is no more black cloud of uncertainty hanging over my head always, waiting for the bank to dictate so much of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
C. K.
There are no words to say how much you did for us and how much you helped us, you basically saved us.
B. A.
Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and put my heart at rest! I look forward to working with you to stay in our home.  I have an appointment with a housing counselor your referred us to and I will give you an update once that occurs.  Again, it meant so very much to me that you took the time to give me hope.
A. F.