Authorization for Release of Information

I hereby authorize the Washington Homeownership Resource Center (WHRC) to release/exchange information from my records in order to assist me. This information will be aggregated for required reporting to HUD and/or other governmental agencies and grantors. My information will also be released to the specific institutions, companies and agencies that I authorize by creating and accepting a proposal to create the secure portal relationship.  Examples of such entities may include mortgage servicers, mortgage investors, public agencies, and other non-profit organizations. If necessary, information on file at another entity may also be released to WHRC. This information release/exchange will be restricted to specific financial data, such as income, budget, debt and mortgage details I provide.

I understand that the provision of services at WHRC is not contingent upon my decision concerning the release/exchange of information.

The doctrine of informed consent is voluntary and is valid until such request is fulfilled. I further acknowledge that I may revoke this consent at any time except to the extent that action based on this consent has been taken.