Since 1995, WHRC has helped over 70,000 Washington homeowners to achieve the dream of homeownership or avoid foreclosure.

Washington Homeownership Resource Center (WHRC) educates and empowers current and future homeowners with the information, tools, and resources they need for long term household success and stability.

Our services are tailored to the needs of each household we serve and available to anyone free of charge. Whether they are a low-to-moderate income first time homebuyer seeking homebuyer education classes, a family facing a layoff-related foreclosure, or an elder on a fixed income needing repair assistance to keep their home safe for aging in place, WHRC helps people achieve their homeownership goals.

As Washington’s official Foreclosure Prevention Hotline, our number appears on each of the three notices sent to homeowners during the foreclosure process. Hotline callers often say they didn’t know where else to turn and had given up hope until our kind and knowledgeable staff explained the foreclosure timeline, what rights a homeowner has, and how to make the most of those rights. The referrals we provide connect homeowners in distress to valid, vetted resources, increasing their chances of retaining their home and keeping them out of the hands of scammers who would exploit them in their moment of need.

Washington Homeownership Resource Center (WHRC) supports homeowners across the state. Won’t you join us in supporting family stability and sustaining thriving, stable communities?