Home Maintenance


Preventative Maintenance ; Protecting Your Investment

Your home is one of the single biggest investments you’ll ever make, keep your home in shape year round with our maintenance checklist.

Many new homeowners may not realize the on-going maintenance needs, these are crucial preventative measures ones that will help you save on your utility bills and avoid repairs later on.

Experts agree that 1% to 3% of the purchase price should be set aside annually for maintenance and repairs. 

Maintenance Checklist


Unexpected Home Repairs

Saving an emergency fund to protect you from surprise expenses or lost income is critical for a homeowner.  When you rent, the majority of unforeseen problems such as water damage, clogged drains, or broken appliances are covered by the landlord.  When it’s your home, it’s all on you.  And sometimes, those repairs are urgent.

Most rainy day funds should have between three and six months’ worth of living expenses and can be used to cover home emergencies like a heating repair, busted pipe, or leaking roof.  We recommend starting another account to save for more routine home maintenance like painting and roofing (see the section above on home maintenance checklist). 


Home Warranties

Many buyers have never even heard of a home warranty.  Buyers can purchase (or can ask the sellers to purchase for the buyer) a home warranty from companies such as First American, Fidelity, Old Republic and many others.  They usually cost around $350 to $500 for a year and cover items such as appliances, electrical issues, air conditioning and heating.  Extended policies cover additional items like pool equipment. 





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I want to say a huge thank you.  It feels a million times better knowing where we will be living, that we don't have to move, and I can actually afford to live here.  My life is no longer on hold, and we have been able to make plans for the first time in ages. There is no more black cloud of uncertainty hanging over my head always, waiting for the bank to dictate so much of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
C. K.
There are no words to say how much you did for us and how much you helped us, you basically saved us.
B. A.
Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and put my heart at rest! I look forward to working with you to stay in our home.  I have an appointment with a housing counselor your referred us to and I will give you an update once that occurs.  Again, it meant so very much to me that you took the time to give me hope.
A. F.