COVID-19 Resources for Homeowners

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has strained the resources of homeowners across the country. WHRC is here to assist you during this difficult time. While many homeowners successfully obtained a mortgage forbearance at the beginning of the pandemic, these forbearances end in 2021 and require homeowners to negotiate with their lenders for extended loan terms and other repayment concessions. We encourage you to reach out for help identifying and planning your next steps, especially if your income has not yet stabilized. COVID-19 relief programs at the federal, state, and city levels – as well as programs operated by non-profits – are evolving as the pandemic continues. Contact WHRC in order to determine which programs are active and which you may qualify for. For additional COVID-19 resources and information, please visit the Washington State Department of Financial Institution’s COVID-19 webpage.

We are here to help – call us today at 877-894-4663 or sign up through our portal to speak to a specialist.

If you are a renter and looking for resources to assist you with rental payments, please note that WHRC works with homeowners and we do not provide rental assistance – for help with rental difficulties, please call 211 or visit .